Two numbers on one mobile phone.

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How Does It Work? 

Your mobile number is hosted in the network instead of your cellphone's SIM card. 

We connect to your current service providers network, so we can add call control. 

Some people call this cloud telephony or network virtualization. 

Patented algorithms route calls from work contacts to your work number and personal calls to your personal number.

 When you call, we replace your main number with the 2ndNumber, so the right contact receives the right number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can we do this? 

We provide a mobile-enabled number hosted on our network that is separate from the number on your SIM card. When someone calls or SMSs your 2ndNumber, we send that call or SMS to your mobile phone by forwarding it to your primary mobile number. 

2. Does my 2ndNumber use my existing cellphone service, minutes and pricing? 

Yes. The calls use the same wireless network as you do now. Calls on your 2ndNumber use your minutes and SMSs in your current plan. However, we are planning on being able to add a separate personal usage plan. 

5. Who cares if it's a real mobile number? 

You do when you use something called "Two Factor Authentication". (That's when you get a code sent to your cellphone that you need to enter somewhere to prove your identity.) Examples include: your bank, government, and other important places. We're working hard to do that right, so you get those identity codes. 

3. What is a "mobile number"? 

Most other providers use something called VoIP numbers that act almost like mobile numbers, including using SMS. Our numbers aren't VoIP. They come from the same mobile providers you know and use today. 

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Do you:

Carry two phones?

Need a second number?

Worry about privacy? 

Care about work life balance?

Need to record work calls? 

Add a second number to your cellphone with no separate dialer app. 

Without changing your mobile service provider, phone or SIM card.

What is it?

On Your Mobile Phone

Use on any mobile phone. No separate dialer apps or behaviour changes are required. 

A Second Number 
  Another number on your mobile. Make & receive calls  from both numbers. Separate text and MMS.    
Working With Any Provider

Works with your current wireless service provider, SIM card and using your current minutes and plan.

Who's It For? 


Add a 2ndNumber for your business calls and texts. Protect your privacy and personal time, while accessing business features features 

Company Employees

Employer providing your phone? Add a personal 2nd Number that works on your employer's phone. Keep your phone number if you change jobs, always separate and secure.    


Present a professional, consistent image by showing your corporate number on your employee-operated mobiles. Enforce  corporate policies, including call recording for compliance.

Here's how we are different:

Full Mobile Number 

It works just like your current mobile number, so you can use it for ID verification (Two Factor Authentication) on all your accounts and apps. 

No Dialer App 
  Use your own dialer, just like you do now. No separate keypad app or cumbersome switching between dialers. And we don't use VoIP.     
Separate CallerID 

Automatic display of your main or 2ndNumber, based on who you call. Selectable CallerID means an end to callbacks on your personal number.

6. Does it use VoIP? (Voice Over IP) 

No. It uses your existing mobile phone's wireless call path and network. It does not use voice over the internet like many other second number solutions.  

Keep personal number to stay connected if jobs change. 

Separate & protect your private calls and texts.

Use  company's minutes & plan or add your own. 

Separate work & personal calls for a better life.  

Add business features: Route calls to others or voicemail. 

Log & track client calls and text messages to your CRM. 

Present a professional and consistent customer image. 

Record calls and text messages to meet regulations.

Automatically log calls and texts to your systems or CRM. 

4. Why the waitlist?

We're working out EU patent issues and negoitating with mobile network operators in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. We expect to launch in 2018. 

What is it, who's it for and how we're doing it different. Learn more.

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